Class Schedule

7:55-9:15   1st Period/Breakfast
9:20-10:20   2nd Period
10:25-11:35   3rd Period    
11:40-1:05   4th Period
1:10-2:10   5th Period
2:15-3:15   6th Period


7:48-8:15 Breakfast
12:05-12:35 1st Lunch
12:35-1:05 2nd Lunch

Connection Schedule

11:40-1:05 8th Connection
10:25-11:25  6th Connection
1:10-2:10  7th Connection

 Early Checkout/Leaving School

A Middle School student wishing to leave school early must be signed out in the office by a parent/guardian stating the reason and time.  ANY STUDENT WHO LEAVES CAMPUS WITHOUT PROPERLY SIGNING OUT MAY FACE DISCIPLINARY ACTION and/or referral to School Social Worker.

After a student accumulates five (5) unexcused tardies/early check-outs, a letter shall be sent from the school (by the student) to the parents/ guardians reminding the parents of State Attendance mandates and the local attendance policy. Refer to the ICMS Student Handbook for more details on the District attendance policy.