February 1, 2019 February 1, 2019
Winner and Runner-upCongratulations to the system spelling bee champion Nate Phillips and runner-up Shelby Barbee. Both are 7th grade students.  Nate will represent Irwin County in the upcoming district spelling bee to be held in Bainbridge on February 23. 
Participants to the 2018-2019 system-wide spelling bee were: ICES--Hunter Holcombe, Jeremiah Smith, Keon Slacks, Olicia Peacock, Ellie Willingham, Peyton Reeves, Rhiana Escobar, Brooklyn Gordon, Laci Smitgh Henry Purvis, and Alternates Cemorra Gaskins and Laila Martin. ICMS--Blake Blanchett, Louis Christie, Mona Eady Reid Houston, Darius Lake, Leslie Merritt, Runner-up Shelby Barbee, Ben Cook, Champion Nate Phillips, Sonny Terrell, and alternates Ziaya Robinson and Hannah Lake. 
Coordinators of the annual spelling bee are Maria Johnson and Christie Copeland.